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Backed by many years of experience, Maria D. Feeney Attorney At Law in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, makes estate administration and elder law matters easy. Trust her for the representation you seek and deserve.


Planning for the Future
If you have been fortunate enough to amass any significant amount of wealth in your lifetime, you should be careful to have an attorney protect you and your assets prior to the inevitable demise of your cognitive capacity.  Planning the end of your life is not a pleasant task.  A substantial level of doubt and anxiety can be mitigated by initiating financial planning while you still have the ability to both speak with an attorney and to speak for yourself.  Maria will preserve your interest and continue to protect your assets even after your death.
Estate Planning Includes:

• Wills
• Trusts

• Powers of Attorney
• Living Wills
• Property Ownership


Elder Law
It is discouraging to see how often the elderly and or deceased are exploited in whole or in part by the very attorney they or their heirs hired to protect their interest.  Of further disappointment are the incidences of Judges discovering such exploitation and not only refraining from initiating a criminal investigation, but also refraining from stopping the continued exploitive behavior.


Maria says; "I once had an elderly couple as estate clients.  After the father's death, one of their sons brought the mother to live with him and his wife.  They then hired a Lawyer who obtained for them "Power of Attorney" over the surviving widow's affairs and finances.  They proceeded to embezzle and misappropriate this woman's wealth for over 1.6 million dollars. I discovered what had happened when another of the couple's sons contacted me to salvage what wealth remained.  This theft never would have happened if the estate had stayed under my authority.  I then succeeded in protecting the remainder of the parent's estate from the offending brother's new lawyers, (from a competing Chester County law firm), who attempted to bill the parent's estate for the offending brother and his wife's legal expenses. Additionally, I was able to compel a law enforcement agency to impose criminal charges against the offending brother.  Not all lawyers and or law firms are the same.  Beware of the law firm with the high hourly rate and the fancy office. 

The only thing they can promise you is that you will be paying them their high hourly rate so that they can continue to pay for the fancy office, car, lifestyle, etc.  I am amazed not only at the incidences of lawyers taking advantage of their elderly clients but also at the judges who ignore such behavior."


As your elder law attorney Maria D. Feeney goes above and beyond to you and your loved ones when they are no longer able to take care of themselves.  In fact, she'll be there when you need her most. 
Elder Law Matters Include:

• Estate Planning
• Long-Term Care

• Tax Planning
• Medicaid
• Health Care


Other Practices

Tax, Business and Child Custody Law

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