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If you are in need of an experienced attorney for your family or estate matters, you can count on Maria D. Feeney Attorney At Law. Backed by over 20 years of experience, her law firm has helped many clients with cases involving family law, estate planning, and more.

Inspired to Become an Attorney
Maria's compassion for her clients and tenacity to confront bias amidst an obtrusive judiciary comes form her own personal experience as the victim, and those of her family.  Her Uncle was a defendant in a real estate related law suit.  Thislitigation began before Maria had even begun law school, it did not end until 14 years later, and then only upon the death of the primary antagonist.  The case was wrought with corruption, file churning, other attorneys self dealing, and a pathetic lack of judicial responsibility.  Maria finished law school, worked for a firm in Philadelphia for 3 years, started her own practice in Kennett Square, and several years after this, took over supervision of her Uncle's case and successfully protected his interest and assets.

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She was the victim of a municipal "Regulatory Taking" action on her law office property.  She fought the township and maintains ownership of her property to this day.  Additionaly, she was the intended victim of a "Bad Faith" malpractice action.  During litigation, Maria uncovered that an insurance company's attorney assigned to her case had lied about facts in order to indicate Maria as being liable when she was not.  This act of deception was an attempt to compel Maria's insurance provider to pay a settlement fee unnecessarily.  Upon Maria's revealing the offending attorneys guilt, his firm agreed to pay the settlement cost in order to avoid defensive litigation.

Maria adds; "I once had a client say to me.."I think you fought harder for me and did not give up because you had experienced and fought your own legal injustices over the years."  The reality is, our legal system is flawed, litigation is expensive, and there is no promise of achieving the complete desired result.  Regardless, no attorney should take advantage of any client.  You can trust me.


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Success in Court
Throughout the years, Attorney Feeney has litigated a number of complex estate cases with a higher than average success rate. She's even won a number of cases which other firms turned down because they considered them unwinnable. She has experience in child custody, business law, estate administration, and adoption law, among others.

If you're not convinced that she's the attorney for you, read the testimonials available from a few of her previous clients. You'll see why clients continue to rely on her for their legal needs.

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